The PolyActiva product portfolio is composed of market validated products at different stages of development and with different risk / reward profiles.

We are evaluating multiple therapeutic areas and are pursuing product development where we believe our technology has clear competitive advantage. With have initiated clinical development for two of our ocular implant products, latanoprost ocular implant for the treatment of glaucoma, and levofloxacin ocular implant for prevention of endophthalmitis following ocular surgery, with both scheduled to start Phase I clinical trials during calendar year 2017.  Our remaining programs are at various stage of preclinical development.  PolyActiva is open to partnerships to further the development of the pipeline and additional application of the platform.

Glaucoma Program

Treatment of Glaucoma:
High Dose Loadings & Complete Bioerosion


Endophthalmitis Program

Preventive & Treatment Implants:
Sustained Drug Release & Fully Biodegradable


Anti-Inflammatory Program

Intra-articular Injectable Gel & Ocular Implants:
Delivery of NSAIDs