PolyActiva has received funding from private capital investors and been a recipient of a number of grant programs.

Brandon Capital / MRCF


Brandon Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that manages the Medical Research Collaboration Fund (MRCF), which provides seed and venture capital investment to support the development and growth of Australian life science companies.  Established in late 2007, the MRCF is a unique collaboration between major Australian superannuation funds, over 50 leading medical research institutes and research hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.  The MRCF supports the development and commercialisation of biomedical discoveries originating from these member research organisations, providing both capital and expertise to guide the successful development of new therapies.

The first MRCF fund, MRCF1, of $11 million was raised in 2007, and then in 2008 the $50 million Brandon Biosciences Fund 1 was established.  The MRCF2, a $40 million fund supported by the Innovation Investment Fund Scheme, was raised in 2011.  In 2015, MRCF3 was established, with $200 million raised to continue to support promising Australian and New Zealand biomedical discoveries.  MRCF3 was established with support from the Australian and New Zealand governments, as well as the state governments of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory.  The MRCF is Australia’s largest life science investment fund.  In 2016, $230 million was raised for MRCF BTF to invest in maturing technologies that have progressed to clinical studies.

Yuuwa Capital LP


Yuuwa Capital is a $40M early-stage venture capital firm based in Perth, Western Australia.

Yuuwa invests in outstanding opportunities where Yuuwa can provide both capital and expertise to help founders, management and early investors build great companies.  Yuuwa invests in early stage companies principally in the areas of Life Sciences and Information and Communications Technology.  Yuuwa Capital’s formation in 2009 was supported by private investors who work with Candor Financial Management and also by the Australian Federal Government’s Innovation Investment Fund program.


Grant Funding

As of 30 June 2020, PolyActiva has also secured more than $2,000,000 of grant funding from the following sources:

Grant Source Grant Title
NHMRC Development Grant Ocular Implant for the Treatment of Bacterial Endophthalmitis
Commercialisation Australia POC Grant Establish and Prove the Efficient Manufacture and Performance of Novel Drug Candidate Conjugate Releasing Erodible Polymer Fibres that can be used in Woundcare Products
STIUP STTech Grant Synthesis of Drug-Monomers
STIUP STFeas Grant Novel Diisocyanates
RIB Grant Development of an Aminal Model fro Measuring IOP
RIB Grant Manufacture of Drug Eluting Implants
BioMedTech Horizons 2.0 Development of sustained release ocular implants for delivery of corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) to the eye for the prevention and treatment of macular oedema
Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund A phase Ib dose escalation clinical trial of a slow release ocular implant to treat glaucoma


In addition, PolyActiva is the sole industry partner for more than $993,000 of ARC linkage grants with Monash University and University of Melbourne.

Academic Participants Grant Title
Monash University & University of Melbourne Study the Utility of Novel Drug Polymer Conjugates, LP100100894
Monash University & University of Melbourne Novel Click Assembled Drug-Polymer Conjugates as Next Generation Drug Delivery Systems, LP120200010
Monash University A Study of the Interrelationships between Drug Release and Polymer Biodegradation of Novel Drug-Polymer Conjugates (DPCs), LP140100284