The following is a list of patents owned by PolyActiva.  Each of these patents described our proprietary drug-polymer conjugate technology.

  • Biodegradable drug-polymer conjugate
    AU2019/051003, Priority date: 19-Sep-2019, PCT.
  • Biodegradable polymer-based conjugate 
    AU2018/050234, Filed date: 14-Mar-2017, PCT. 
  • Dug-polymer Conjugate
    AU2018/050233, Priority date: 14-Mar-2017, PCT. 
  • Polymer conjugate comprising a bioactive agent
    AU2016/050850, Priority date: 11-Sept-2015, PCT.
  • Polymer conjugate for delivery of bioactive agent
    AU2014/000231, Priority Date: 08-Mar-2013, PCT.
  • Polymer NSAID conjugate
    AU2013/000688, Priority Date: 26-Jun-2012, PCT.
  • Polymer bioactive-agent conjugates
    AU2009/001341, Priority Date: 10-Oct-2008, PCT.
  • Drug Polymer Conjugates
    AU2009/0001342, Priority Date: 10-Oct-2008, Granted in US, EU, JP, CN, AU and NZ.