PreziaTM Technology

For development of best-in-class ocular implants that deliver the right amount of drug, for the right period.

Our technology is based on extensive scientific research leveraging our expertise in pharmaceutical, organic and polymer chemistry. The result is the creation of a unique method for precise and controlled drug delivery.

Since many eye diseases are lifelong chronic disorders, a reliable and sustained delivery technology can remove the treatment burden on both patients and providers and have the potential to improve quality of life and patient outcomes.

Prezia Polymeric Prodrugs

Prezia proprietary technology chemically attaches a drug to a carrier polymer, designed to provide the following distinct and clinically beneficial features:

Delivers a constant daily dose of drug tailored to each application

Delivers therapy for as little as 1 week or for as long as 12 months, with no burst effect or loss of efficacy

Applicable to any drug produced by chemical means, allowing single or multiple drug combinations tailored to the clinical indication

Consistent rapid biodegradation enabling repeated implant administration

Geometric form can be rod-shaped implant, injectable gel, or topical film